Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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     Recently, someone on CBC radio commented on how the sense of community has been lost from our current school system, and how this loss has had a corrosive impact on individuals and society. Effective leadership includes cultivating a genuine sense of community or family in the workplace, all individuals pulling together - esprit de corps. A deep sense of belonging and engagement is closely linked with quality of life - for both individuals, and naturally, for these same individuals grouped together in the organization.

     "Sense of community is ... a feeling that members have of belonging and being important to each other, and a shared faith that members’ needs will be met by the commitment to be together. 
These dynamics are incorporated in the sense of community model ... (with) four dimensions
• Membership which creates feelings of emotional safety with a sense of belonging to, and identification with, the larger collective; 
• Influence which characterizes the reciprocal relationship of the individual and the community in terms of their ability to affect change in each other;  
• Fulfillment of Needs, which enables individuals to get their needs met through cooperative behavior within the community, thereby reinforcing the individuals’ appropriate community behavior; and  
• Emotional Connection which is the emotional support stemming from the struggles and successes of community living. 
     This model accommodates 'community' conceptualized as a geographical territory (neighborhood), and as a relational network (work, political, or recreational interests)."
       Chipuer HM, Pretty GMH. A review of the Sense of Community Index: Current uses, factor structure, reliability, and further development. Journal of Community Psychology 1999; 27(6): 643-658. 

     "Esprit de corps refers to the morale of a group. From French: Esprit (spirit) de (of) corps (body). 'Body' is metaphorical in that it refers to a group of people that are so unified as to be like a single body. Refers to solidarity, pride, devotion and honor of each member with respect to the group."

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