Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"Going against the grain" - Egocentric vs "Going with the flow" - Allocentric, Ecocentric

     Life can be thought of as a river. Swimming in a fast-moving river forces you to be pretty sharp. It's a real challenge just to keep your proverbial head above water, never mind achieve anything more. What a luxury it is to periodically climb out onto the river bank to rest, catch your breath, and regain perspective.
     Many people drown after unwisely exhausting themselves by swimming against the current. "Going against the grain" is all too common when one's goal is not aligned with the reality of the fast-moving river. "May the force be with you" is backwards IMHO. We have to gain insight into and constantly monitor the river of life, as well as ourselves, so that we can intentionally align ourselves with life - be prosocial. Shifting from an egocentric perspective towards an allocentric & ecocentric orientation is common sense, healthy maturation, and naturally evolving wisdom.
     "Going with the flow" is not about laziness, it's about clear awareness of, accepting, working with, and yes embracing, being truly at home in, and working harmoniously & synergistically with reality.




Tamer by Kristiina Lehtonen   http://www.kristiinalehtonen.fi/index_en.php

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