Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spirituality in Health Care - Meaning & Purpose in Life

     "Spirituality can be defined as one’s views and behaviors in the search for meaning in life. ... a bridge between hopelessness and meaningfulness in life ... a person’s need to find the answers to ultimate questions about the meaning of life, illness, and death. ... in palliative care, spirituality is meaning making, making the most of life now, and making sense (meaning) of life. ... creating meaning ... Instead of a quest for a Higher Being, spirituality in was focused on meaning in day-to-day lives. ... changes occurred in the sense of purpose in life: a reason for injury/accident, God’s plan for them, and disability as a test. ... the discovery of meaning and purpose are essential components of spirituality."

     Chiu L et al. An Integrative Review of the Concept of Spirituality in the Health Sciences. Western Journal of Nursing Research 2004; 26(4): 405-428.

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