Sunday, 2 November 2014

Reptilian Violence vs Evolved Mentoring

     The (2014) flurry about Jian Ghomeshi, the Dalhousie Dental students' Facebook group, the recurrent nightmare of "honor killings", regular gang rapes ± murders of women (occasionally of men also), are boils coming to a head from the underlying chronic, endemic psychopathology affecting too large a proportion of our species.
     The Oscar-nominated 2013 movie "The Invisible Woman", based on the true story of Charles Dickens' secret affair with a young woman, is a brilliantly crafted study of an infinitely more subtle form of violence against women.
     In this movie, the 18-year old female was fascinated by literature. Dickens could have easily mentored her to help her realize her full professional potential as an author - ideally, to surpass him. Instead, he abused his wealth and position in order to subjugate and keep her as a hidden possession. Dickens was blindly indifferent to her plight & ignorant of the violence he was unknowingly inflicting on himself.

     When a spiritually-mature person sees another who is relatively immature, the desire to mentor arises (rather than the predatory reptilian instinct to seize & control). An evolved, civilized human being nurtures fellow human beings (instead of enslaving them).
     Our own, individual spiritual maturation requires the urgency of attention "as if our hair were on fire". Mere identification with a religion or philosophy, by and of itself, does NOTHING for our individual spiritual maturation - it can even worsen our complacency or much worseWaking up can't wait. Sleepwalking our way through life is causing tremendous suffering for all of us.



greg mclemore

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