Monday, 17 November 2014

Mindless Consumerism & Unsustainable Global Misery

     Marx said religion was the "opium of the people" - and for some, it remains a stupefying force. Entry-level religion for the masses differs qualitatively from what the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and other founders of wisdom traditions intended. It's like comparing fast-food-induced morbid obesity with the ideals of nutrition - no comparison.
     But the masses today are under an additional devastating stupefying force - materialism. The answer to all our problems, including 9/11? - "Go shopping - to show the world what America's made of!" Yikes!!!!
     Multinational business, with the help of advertising psychology, is turning the masses of humanity into a herd of dumb cattle. Industry was supposed to make life better and easier for humanity. Instead we have hoarders, stress from too much choice(!!!), child labor, outrageous rich:poor disparity, and garbage that's smothering the land, air, oceans and groundwater
     We must WAKE UP - NOW - and be responsible caretakers of the earth and each other.

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