Monday, 20 October 2014

Wholeness in Health Care - or - Science Only

     Some academics still firmly believe in the biomedical model. See: Though arguments to preserve it were lost decades ago, the ultra-conservative agenda continues to surface as "practical" roadblocks to curriculum reform.

     "Ultra-conservatives" UCs feel that safe-guarding their profession entails teaching dental & medical students only the sciences required to practice their respective professions. "Soft subjects" must be excluded, because they're: irrelevant, and/or common sense, and/or private, personal matters eg ethics, medical humanities, behavioral sciences, spirituality, etc. and "there's not enough time" in the curriculum.
     Proponents of the biopsychosocial model BPSs feel that sciences need to be balanced with a broad worldview that acknowledges the importance of clinicians (and their future patients) being helped to mature as human beings, along whatever specific direction each chooses. BPSs understand the critical importance of promoting & optimizing students' (and thus, future patients') mental, emotional, spiritual and social, as well as biological, health.


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