Saturday, 16 December 2017

Wisdom of the Deathbed

     “In his recent book, The Five Invitations, (Frank Ostaseski) offers the living what he’s learned at the bedside of thousands of people as they died. He distils the wisdom of the deathbed into five invitations to be fully present in life:

• Don’t wait.
• Welcome everything; push away nothing.
• Bring your whole self to the experience.
• Find the place of rest in the middle of things.
• Cultivate 'don’t know/ mind.

      Ostaseski has learned that the activities of caregiving are quite ordinary. He writes, ‘You make soup, give a back rub, change soiled sheets, help with medications, listen to a lifetime of stories lived and now ending, show up as a calm and loving presence. Nothing special. Just simple human kindness, really.’ ”

Shawn O'Hagan "The Moon Suggests"

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