Thursday, 11 February 2016

Role of Transpersonal Approaches

     "All transpersonal approaches are concerned with accessing and integrating developmental stages beyond the adult ego and with fostering higher human development. Because of this concern, most transpersonal theories deal extensively with matters relating to human values and spiritual experience. 
     This focus sometimes leads people to confuse the interests of transpersonal psychiatry with the concerns of religion. Transpersonal psychiatry does not promote any particular belief system, but rather acknowledges that spiritual experiences & transcendent states characterized by altruism, creativity, & profound feelings of connectedness are universal human experiences widely reported across cultures, and therefore worthy of rigorous, scientific study
     Inattention to these experiences and the roles they play in both psychopathology and healing constitutes a common limitation in conventional psychotherapeutic practice and research."

       Kasprow MC, Scotton BW. " A Review of Transpersonal Theory and Its Application to the Practice of Psychotherapy." The Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research 1999; 8:12–23.

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