Monday, 16 February 2015

Oceans of Choices

     We live in strange times: all manner of ideas & images, from all manner of people, are instantly available to even our youngest children. We are awash in choices, ethical dilemmas, global moral ambiguity, with eruptions of irrational violence - the swagger of the simple-minded.
     The web provides endless possibilities for causing ourselves and others suffering: violent porn, slick enticements to join violent extremist groups, instructions to make bombs, enticements to 'invest' life savings in crazy schemes, 'TV evangelists', online gambling, zealous testimonials for bizarre 'therapies', hair-raising testimonials against standard therapies, and every other form of psychopathology one can imagine. Opportunities to wallow in self-inflicted misery and to inflict horrific suffering on others seem endless.
     Mercifully, the web also provides access to decent, intelligent, evolved, well-meaning human beings, as well as the literature of the world's wisdom traditions. Should we choose to do so, we can find inspiration to grow in wisdom, instead of wallowing in self-inflicted misery.

               CHOICE !

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